Staffing Services

Our Staffing Services have continued to evolve based on client requests and recommendations. We are known for tailoring staffing solutions to your industry and position with extremely positive results.

Featured Staffing Services we offer:

Candidate Research and Identification

Our professional recruiting team has access to the market’s most talented and experienced individuals. We utilize the latest technologies to research and identify the most qualified candidates. During the candidate evaluation phase, our team leverages candidate experience, skills, and cultural fit with your needs and specifications.

Candidate Selection and Presentation

Our search team has worked on the “client” side. We understand the need to carefully select candidates utilizing behavioral interview guides custom to your job.  We will also administer online testing for more technical positions.

We believe the process of presenting candidates to you is as important as selection. Our goal is to provide enough details, with the candidate profile, to help you make a decision quickly regarding your level of interest.

Client Representation

We realize the crucial importance of representing you, our client. We consider ourselves an extension of you and remain positive and professional while representing you with candidates.

Our truly collaborative partnership with large and small clients nationwide sets Self Opportunity, Inc. apart from many staffing companies. We build business relationships that last a lifetime!

Get started! Contact our Sales team at (800) 594-7036 or fill out our "Contact Me!" form and we will have one of our knowledgeable team members call you.

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