Job Fairs

Job fairs are our primary business, we have been providing clients job fairs over the past 10 years.  These job fairs can be broken into several different forms to match your recruiting event objective.  You will be able to utilize our experience to handle all the setup, recruitment advertising and candidate pre-screening.  We provide a one stop solution for restaurant job fairs, oil & gas job fairs, trucking job fairs and retail job fairs. As our client, you simply show up with a candidate schedule and candidates will be there for their designated interview time.

This unique approach for sourcing quality candidates can be effective for  any industry.  Each job fair is tailored to your advertising budget and your teams schedule.Self Opportunity Job Fairs Once the need is determined, we partner with you to put the best recruitment advertising plan in place for your market and start the recruiting process.

These job fairs can effectively recruit for any industry.

In addition to the on site job fairs.  Self Opportunity provides a virtual job fair or also known as a candidate search.  This recruitment advertising solution does everything you need to find quality candidates without actually having an in person recruiting event.

We will put a customized program together to meet your specific goals.

Get started! Contact our Sales team at (800) 594-7036 or fill out our "Contact Me!" form and we will have one of our knowledgeable team members call you.

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