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With RSS, you can find the latest information about us without searching around our web site - you can even set it up to see the "headlines" in your reader before visiting the site.

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, and it is a tool that allows us to publish new information and updates that will be picked up by customers who subscribe to our RSS feeds.

Example: If you are interested in our news, you could subscribe to our news feed. Then whenever we post a news article, it is automatically added to the feed and it will show up when you view the feed, or it can show up as a short headline in your RSS reader that will link to the appropriate page.

The different RSS feeds are listed below. The way you subscribe to these feeds depends on the RSS reader you're using, but can be as simple as clicking on the RSS icon next to the feed.

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Recruitment advertising over 10 years. Self Opportunity has an edge in setting up Job Fairs, Advertising, Sourcing Candidates, Contract Staffing & Placements.
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Industrial recruiting requires a focused and dedicated staff to commit the time to find the right candidates for your projects. Contact 800-594-7036.
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Technology recruting requires recruiters with
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Job Fairs are a great way to meet and interview several candidates. Self Opportunity can provide a turnkey solution for your next Job Fair & Recruiting Event.
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