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We are a totally free job board commited to posting OPEN jobs with Transferrable Skillsets for individuals seeking a new start after serving time in prison. All the jobs listed on this site are from employers willing to consider giving someone a second chance at creating a new life for themselves on a case by case basis. Candidates will still have to apply, be interviewed, be qualified and once hired they will need to commit to making the most of their opportunities. 

We challenge employers, communities and individuals to utilize this job board to reach people needing an opportunity to make a change for the better. Growing up it was called a Do-over, in Golf it's called a Mulligan. Here at #Just1Job we know what it takes to give someone a bright new future... Just one job.

There are no guarantees in life but here at #Just1Job we are dedicated to finding employers with open positions that are truly willing to hire second chance individuals. Tell your boss, tell your family and tell your friends all it takes to make a difference is #Just1Job!

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Featured Companies

1. Chevy's Warehouse 

2. Servsafe Food Service
3. Awesome Call Centers
4. HVAC Repairs R Us
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